Upkid needs people like you.

Want a job that's flexible? Is making a difference with kids important to you? With Upkid you can have both and so much more.

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What's Upkid?

Yes, we know and we smile every time we say what's up kid. Upkid is like Doordash but instead of delivering food, you get to work with kids and support child care providers. Upkid matches up our teachers with licensed child care centers that need an extra teacher.

Dependable earnings

We have a network of childcare
centers that have a consistant
need for teachers. Twenty-four
hours after you finish a shift you
will have money in the bank.

A few necessities

You will need to have a
smartphone, a brief interview with
our Upkid staff, a background
check with fingerprinting, and a
short virtual training.

Centers near you

Upkid is currently working with
childcare centers in Salt Lake and
Utah County. We are expanding
fast. Let us know where you want
us to go next!

No matter your situation, teaching with Upkid can work for you


Need more experience working in childcare? Or your class schedule only has Fridays open. We have childcare centers that provide the work and flexibility you need.

Empty nesters

Have all your kids left the nest? Want to make a difference in children’s lives? Make a difference with every class you teach.

Moms re entering the workforce

Still have a little one at home? Want to re-enter the workforce? We have childcare centers where you can work while your child is cared for on site.

Current caregivers

Need to pick up a couple more shifts? We can provide you those extra shifts at centers close to you when you need them.

Hear what our teachers have to say about Upkid

Build your schedule anywhere anytime.

Browse shifts

Apply to shifts

Make money and
a difference

Hear how Upkid works for our teachers.

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